Monday, June 16, 2014

Al-Baghdadi - A New Bin Laden ?

UPDATE for Tuesday morning,
June 17, inserted further down.

伊拉克《新拉登》 Iraq's New Bin Laden
[Quotation from China News Network, June 12, 2014]

زعيم داعش للأميركيين: موعدنا في نيويورك

ISIS leader to the Americans: " See you in New York "

كشفت صحيفة أميركية أن أبوبكر البغدادي الذي كان معتقلاً في قاعدة أميركية بالعراق لسنوات طويلة، قال لسجانيه لحظة وداعهم وإطلاق سراحه في العام 2009: "نراكم في نيويورك"، فيما لم يكترث السجانون بالعبارة التي فهم الأميركيون اليوم معناها بعد أن أصبح البغدادي الرجل الأخطر في العالم.ـ

An American journal revealed that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was obviously detained for many years in a U.S. base in Iraq, had said [at some time of his detention] to his followers and [at the time of getting free] in 2009: "Let's join in New York", not caring for the wardens and with the remark [that this was] a significant day for the Americans when al-Baghdadi appeared, the most dangerous man in the world.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on June 15, 2014]


Latest News on June 17:

Iraq Probably to Break Up

Iraqi government forces are engaged in heavy clashes with Sunni Islamist militants, most of them ISIS fighters, who have made major advances in the past week. Government forces reportedly hit back with air strikes near Tal Afar in northern Iraq.

The US is deploying up to 275 military personnel to protect staff at its huge embassy in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

The prime minister of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region has told the BBC he thinks Iraq may not stay together. He said it would be very hard for Iraq to return to the situation that existed before the Sunni militants, led by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), took control of the northern cities of Mosul and Tikrit in a rapid advance last week, and Tal Afar on Monday.

[Source: BBC on June 17, 2014]


An Iraqi visitor from the township of Kirkuk that was
under temporary control of ISIS only some days ago.

Only to remember: Saigon in April 1975

South-Vietnamese civilians storming the U.S. embassy in Saigon (now: Ho-Chi-Minh City),
desperately trying to get an airlift out of the country during the final stage of the war when
U.S. staff hastily evacuated, leaving much equipment and lots of secret documents behind.

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