Sunday, May 18, 2014

Vietnam - Anti-Chinese Demonstrations

China’s deployment of a giant oil rig this month is seen by Vietnamese activists as a provocative assertion of Beijing’s hotly disputed territorial claims to virtually all of the South China Sea, and has been criticised by U.S. foreign secretary John Kerry as a "provocation" and an "aggressive behaviour". Increasing anti-Chinese sentiments now triggered off a wave of violence in Vietnam that allegedly left 16 Chinese severely wounded and forced the government to deploy hundreds of security personnel. [Main source: Chinese news thread on May 18, 2014]

越南今或再发反华游行 越总理连发三短信吁民众勿参加

Vietnam probably starts further anti-Chinese demonstrations today.
Vietnam's prime minister pleaded the masses in three joint words not to participate.

“非法的示威游行” "An Unlawful Demonstration of Strength"

[Source: XingDao Global Network 星岛环球网 on May 18, 2014]

越南18省市今示威 中共大使馆布铁马阵

Vietnam demonstrating [its strength] in 18 provincial towns. The embassy of Communist China declares state of siege.

Chinese troop contingents are gathering in Chongzuo district in the frontier area of China's Guangxi province (photo above / map below).

[Source: Epoch Times 大纪元 , Chinese anti-Communist daily on May 18]


China's government provides help in the repatriation of [Chinese subjects] from Vietnam: More than 3000 persons have already returned home.

After violent incidents directed against Chinese enterprises and single persons in Vietnam, 3000 Chinese have already been repatriated with the help of China's embassy in Hanoi by Saturday afternoon (May 17). China's government had organized transportation means like chartered planes and ships.

[Source: People's Network / XinHua Network 人民网—新华网, quoting China's ministry of foreign affairs on May 18, 2014]

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