Sunday, October 20, 2013

China - New Pipeline for Imported Gas

Last UPDATE: October 21

[Source: China Central TV]

中缅天然气管线今贯通 沿线省份气价有望大幅下降

China's pipeline for [foreign] natural gas now links up provinces along its line [while] gas prices are expected to drop on a large scale.


News from the Central Network Beijing on October 20 (by Zhang Mian Mian):
Today, [October] 20, the three-year-lasting construction of China's pipeline for [foreign] natural gas is about to join up the whole line. ..... The terminal point is located in Guigang, Guangxi province, and the gas transporting capacity should be 12 billion cubic metre each year. ..... Till the end of next year, electricity needed for industrial use of Guangxi province is being estimated to rise 100 times the present value.

[Source: People's Network 人民网 on October 10, 2013]


After the joining up, China's pipeline for [imported] natural
gas will make cargo ships avoid the straits of Malaysia.

[above picture is referring to a parallel running oil pipeline]

[Source: SINA Mil. News 新浪军事 on October 10, 2013]

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