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Iran: Israel Threatening International Peace

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中新网4月27日电 据伊通社26日报道
Cable from "China News Network" on April 27, citing an Iranian news agency report published the day before.

伊朗驳斥以色列对其核计划指控 称“毫无根据”
Iran denounces Israeli accusations of its nuclear programme, calling them to be "utterly groundless".

伊朗常驻联合国代表穆罕默德•哈扎伊日前 …… 表示 …… 以色列拥有数百枚核弹和其它非法的大规模杀伤性武器,是国际和平和安全的威胁。 ……
The day before, Iran's permanent delegate to the United Nations, Mohammad Khazaee, indicated that several hundred atomic bombs and other illegal weapons of mass destruction owned by Israel are threatening international peace and safety.

He pointed out that Israel is carrying out [some kind of] "government terrorism" [when] murdering scientists, however, [at the same time and] for no reason accusing Iran of being active in weapon smuggling.

Israel getting Cautious

Headlines of Al-Arabiya on May 1st, 2012:

رائحة "الانتخابات المبكرة" تفوح بقوة في إسرائيل

أصبح أمر توجيه ضربة عسكرية لإيران أكثر تعقيداً وأقل وضوحاً.. إلا إن كان نتياهو يبيت مفاجأة

A smell of "early elections" is being spread by Israeli authorities.

The [developing] subject of an [increasing tendency] towards a military blow at Iran becomes more complex [or: difficult] and less precise ... meanwhile Netanyahu remains "surprising".

Christians of the Holy Land
How they are treated by Israel

The day before (April 27, 2012), Al-Jazeera TV discussed the question of Christians in Israel in an English language comment. If quoted by Western media, that comment would most probably incite the usual repulsion by Israel and its supporters and who are constantly blaming the "lies of the Arabic TV stations" when it comes to keep an eye on Israeli proceedings towards their Palestinian neighbours.

That's why I tried to find additional information within the network of the Roman Catholic Church as they must have encountered mistreatment of their Palestinian brothers and sisters in belief if there was any.

Indeed, there is relevant information available: On February 23, 2009, the online magazine "Katholisches Magazin für Kirche und Kultur" wrote about that subject under the headline: Palestinian Christians: "Pope should cancel visit to Israel" [Palästinensische Christen: "Papst soll Israel-Reise absagen"].

In a letter directed to Pope Benedikt XVI, 40 Palestinian Christians demanded to link his planned visit in May 2009 with certain conditions, including easier access of Westbank Christians to holy places inside Israel and the abolition of Israeli taxation of ground belonging to the Christian Church. Above all, the letter was intended to avoid an "increase of popularity for Israel thus downplaying the suffering of Palestinians under Israeli occupation." That information was even confirmed by Israel's most important daily Ha'aretz.

The above cited action of Palestinian Christians is only highlighting a situation where Palestinians are mistreated and oppressed under Israeli rule in a way that did not essentially change during the past decades. Having learnt much from history after the days of my brainwashed youth when I felt sorry for the Jewish state being surrounded by "bloodthirsty Arabic subhumans", I am now convinced that further "digging" into the matter will certainly unearth further annoying details about Jewish behaviour towards their Semitic brethren in the region and who enjoy to have the same godfather above them, no matter if they call him Jehova or Allah.

If you still like to read the related Al-Jazeera comment, here are some screenshots taken from the mobile version of that comment and comprising the whole text written by Ben White, a freelance writer for Al-Jazeera, specialising in Palestine and Israel:




Israel Immuring Itself

Site of a new wall along the Lebanese border where building has just begun (April 30, 2012): Adding to the notorious wall that separates the Jewish part of Palestine from Palestinian settlements.

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