Friday, October 08, 2010

Pakistan - NATO supply lines endangered

Update October 9, 2010, for the above image !

While NATO supply lines from Pakistan to Afghanistan are breaking down because of local insurgents regularly torching truck convoys, one question becomes more and more important:
Who is really in control of the frontier region between both countries ? Now, the Arabic channel of Al-Jazeera dealt with that subject in one of their features "Behind the News" [Al-Jazeera, Arabic Channel, October 7, 2010].

It seems that a network of local Islamists can be seen behind all those operations endangering NATO supplies. They have named themselves the "Network for the Splendid Belief's Rescue".

The essential features of that organization are as follows:

- The network examines the leaders of the Mujahidin.

- It cares for their sons by "enlightening their belief" in their daily actions

- All of its operations are restricted to the North of Waziristan.

- The network is providing a striking force of 3.000 to 4.000 men.

- It is in control of the tribal areas.

- The network is connected with Al-Qaeda and Pakistan's national security service.

- It is responsible for most specific operations.

- The network's essential aim is to launch attacks at the U.S. in Waziristan.

In their feature, Al-Jazeera separately questioned Abdussalam Daif, the former Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, and Marvin Weinbaum, a former U.S. diplomate in Afghanistan, both live from Kabul and Washington.

Further news of the day:

مقتل 15 شخصا بينهم حاكم ولاية قندوز في تفجير بولاية تاخار شمال أفغانستان

In Afghanistan, the governor of Kunduz province was killed together with 14 others in an attack launched by the Taliban. A sergeant of the German troup contingent equally lost his life.

We recently heard that U.S. General Petraeus had asked the German government to increase their troup contingent in Afghanistan. As the full number of 5.000 soldiers, agreed by German parliament (Bundestag) to support the North Atlantic Alliance in Afghanistan, has not been reached by now, the U.S. request will most probably be dealt with by German Defence Minister zu Guttenberg who could sent some additional troops without delay.

Update, October 9, 2010:
While I'm working on my newsblog, another 30 NATO fuel trucks bound for Afghanistan have been set on fire by the above mentioned Pakistani insurgents (first picture above and video below).

Additional information about insurgents torching Nato supply trucks is available on another blog of mine. !

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