Monday, December 15, 2008

Cuba / Venezuela - New Treaties Signed

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Caracas / 1:50 CET live transmission by Cubavision

On the occasion of the eighth anniversary of cooperation between Cuba and Venezuela, different treaties on the implementation of further common projects are signed by members of both governments.

The Cuban president Raul Castro receives a distinguished decoration from Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela. Furthermore Raul is given a rapier reminding Simon Bolivar, the liberator of South America from Spanish colonialism. Raul Castro in exchange gives away a photo, dating back from 1958 and kept by Raul as a reminder of the battles later to be fought in the frame of the Cuban revolution. It is showing Raul wearing the uniform of the Cuban guerilleros and in front of a monument dedicated to Simon Bolivar and that had already been decorated with the emblems of, both, Cuba and Venezuela.

In their individual speeches, the leaders of both countries are referring to General Simon Bolivar and General Sucre who were at the origin of Latin American nationalism.

Most important project for Cuba's economy:
Further crude oil from Venezuela will be provided for a new refinery that has recently been established with the help of Venezuela.
The actual volume of economic cooperation between both countries is comprising 3,6 billion $.

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