Sunday, November 16, 2008

NORTH KOREA - A Zombie's Life 死人的活动

On October 11, 2008, North Korean TV published a set of ten images that should prove Kim Jong Il being alive. All images show the North Korean leader while visiting troops. It should be his first public appearance after August 14,2008. [Source 环球日报]

Kim Jong Il visiting a unit of female artillery soldiers on October 11, 2008. Could it be that the North Korean leader has received a severe burn ?

Since October 3, 2007, when the South Korean president met with his counterpart, we didn't receive any reliable image of Kim Jong Il at all.

Finally, on November 6, 2008, the North Korean "Worker's News" / 劳动新闻 published a report on Kim Jong Il visiting the military units 534 (above) and 2200 (below). [Source人民网/新华网]

We can therefore suppose that "Zombie" Kim Jong Il is still alive and might have recovered from a kind of "disease" that goes without any further comment.

When it comes to analyze North Korea's desolate situation with all its aspects, two points should be considered:
1. The days of the North Korean leadership are obviously counted, and whatever might happen to that country, it will happen very soon.
2. As it is difficult to imagine any essential change coming from the inside, Chinese and South Korean support will be needed to ensure the country's transformation into a modern state, fully accepted by the international community.

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