Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama Nominated for Presidency

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2:40 GMT
After the primary in South Dakota, its clear to everybody that Obama will be nominated for U.S. presidency by the Democratic Party.
Though 8 of 13 votes in South Dakota went to Clinton, it was just the differing 5 votes that made Obama cross the critical delegate mark of 2.118. Official results of the Montana primary, where Obama is reported to be leading, are not available at this time. Nevertheless, 2.119 delegate votes are already secured for Obama.

3:00 GMT
First results of the Montana elections show Obama leading with 2.132 votes. Obama "man of the day" with "Killary Hinten" still luring in the background.

Distribution of federal states in favor of Obama (dark blue) or Clinton (light blue) at one moment of the campaign's final phase

The Audacity of Hope: Obama's book and his program, a review by the WASHINGTON POST (October 19, 2006).

UPDATE: Obama on Iraq and Terrorism
Senator Obama's keynote speech on July 15, 2008 !

UPDATE: Obama on Transatlantic Partnership
Obama's keynote speech on foreign politics, held in Berlin / Germany on July 24, 2008 !

Next target:
McCain - back from the graveyard of history.

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