Friday, December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

The announcement of assassination:

(Arabic service)

(English service)

Pakistani TV
(quoted by Al-Jazeera)

Here now the complete story as published by

A historic website on Central Asia, published
by BLUEPRINT magazine, can provide some
useful facts on how things developed in that
region at a very early stage.

Who did it ?

After having followed a discussion on Al-Jazeera TV
that was based on a chat between some Pakistani
activists claiming responsibility for the assassination,
kind of "confession" even doubted by a U.S. expert,
I searched active Islamic websites myself, however,
without finding any comment whatsoever on that
subject. So I've come to think, that Benazir Bhutto's
murder was a mere matter of coincidence and could
have happened any time and anywhere in Pakistan
while Al-Qaeda's main target remains president
Musharraf who didn't fall prey to even one of the
numerous assaults launched at him simply because
he isn't sticking out his nose when seated in one of
his bullet-proof cars. (Update December 31, 2007)

fake confession
by Pakistani

"Musharraf is the one
who is trying to cheat
the Muslimic Nation
in Pakistan"
Bin Laden's deputy
Zawahiri in a video
dating from 2006

Update Jan.10,2008:
Pakistan's nuclear
weapons considered
unsafe because of
country's unstable

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