Saturday, December 04, 2010

Obama in Afghanistan

Yesterday, U.S. President Obama unexpectedly appeared in Afghanistan where he held an encouraging speech in front of U.S. troops. One year after his announcement of an increase in U.S. military presence, he said that Afghanistan had become more safe and that U.S. troops controlled more Afghan regions than before such that a handing-over of power to the Afghan security forces had already come in sight.

UPDATE from Dec. 6, 2010:

German Troops in Afghanistan as
Evaluated by the Afghan People

The following polls have been carried out in Afghanistan
and published by German National TV Channel 1 (ARD).
They are showing a significant drop of trust into German
military presence as seen by Afghan civilians:

"Your estimation of the German Federal Republic ?"
The 2007 poll showed an overwhelming positive
estimation of Germany of 75% that turned into a
mere 46% in the December 2010 poll.

"Do you consider any attack on foreign troops
to be justified ?"
While in January 2010 an overwhelming 87%
said "no" to this option with only 2% answering
"yes", the December 2010 poll showed only 57%
"no" votes in comparison with 39% "yes" votes.

Increasing mistrust into German
military presence in Afghanistan

Personal Remark by Ulysses:
As Obama stated in his speech at Bagram Airbase,
the alliance of nations cooperating with the U.S.
in Afghanistan (ISAF) has risen to 49 members (*).
Unfortunately, this fact doesn't necessarily imply
an improved military efficiency in the fight
against their common enemy, the Taliban and
Al-Qaeda. Indeed, we are now being confronted
with an increasing mistrust of the Afghan people
into all ISAF operations and even more into the
presence of any foreign troops in Afghanistan.

(*) = This passage at the beginning of Obama's
speech was not recorded because of technical
reasons (restriction to 15 min. of duration).

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