Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Obama on Afghanistan

The refined speech of U.S. President Obama on his further war strategy in Afghanistan is due within the next hours. Al-Jazeera will monitor that speech and provide comments from different sides.

As far as we know, 30.000 further U.S. troops are expected to be sent to Afghanistan. According to British PM Gordon Brown, Britain will deploy another 500 troops.

Excerpts from Obama's original speech
and comment provided by CNN.

German Allies under Public Pressure
In the aftermath of a "dirty bombing" of civilians on behalf of German troops, followed by a plot to cover up the extent of that deastrous affair by the German general in command and by the former minister of defence, both, the general and the minister, up to now serving the lately elected government of chancellor Merkel, had to step down. There is evidence that minister Jung held back essential information during the last federal election campaign in order to avoid nuisance to the ill-fated Social Democrats he represented at that time.

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