Sunday, September 21, 2008

U.S.A. - Political veterans advising the future President

The Next President - A World of Challenges -
CNN's Christiane Armanpour discussing foreign politics with former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and Warren Christopher. How would they advise the next U.S. president to decide. Life transmission from George Washington University / New York.

Here what the former secretaries of state said. Unable to deliver all of the comments, I could not refrain from presenting you at least some important stances. Maybe you'll find more on the internet:

Madeleine Albright:
- U.S. efforts to establish NATO membership with Ukraine and Geogia should be carried forward as it is up to Russia's neighbours to decide themselves. Russia should not have anything against it.
- As to Iran's nuclear ambitions there's no need to vilify Ahmadi Nejad by getting too tough on Iran. Such kind of U.S. response could only lead to a strenghening of Ahmadi Nejad's position who is not the only person of importance in a very complicated Iranian society that is not yet fully understood by the West.
- "I'm supporting Senator Obama."

James Baker:
U.S. should take the lead in finding a global response to climate change.

Henry Kissinger:
U.S. troops should be withdrawn from Iraq but not in a situation of political pressure.

Colin Powell:
Says he is a close friend of John McCain. Nevertheless, he would not hesitate to advise McCain's opponent Obama to the best of his abilities as he, C. Powell, feels as an American in the first place which should count more than party politics; - citation: "We have to overcome this."

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