Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LIBYA - Street War in Tripolis

Here is a series of images that describe the current situation in Tripolis:

- Smoke over the Gadafi compound after intensive shelling.

- Map of the vast Gadafi compound near Bab Aziziya, including housing for the Gadafi family and government members, bunkers etc..

- Map of Rixos hotel near the Gadafi compound and where many international journalists are being trapped at the moment. Matthew Chance, senior international correspondent for CNN reports:"I am in my hotel room, lying on my belly to avoid being hit by shelling."

- Scenes of extensive shelling as shown by Al-Jazeera.

- An Al-Jazeera correspondent trying to transmit his report.

- Civilians fleeing urban warfare.

Additional remarks:
This morning, after I made a short update based on material provided by Al-Jazeera, it came to my attention that Saif al-Islam Gadafi and his brother Mohammed managed to escape from rebel custody. Saif al-Islam, the more dangerous one, even took a "ride of triumph" through the tiny area held by loyal troops. Eager to get more information, I tried Al-Jazeera and CNN, but both TV stations seemed to have other problems than to report on the news of yesterday. I point this out in order to give my visitors an idea how fast things are changing now in Tripolis and how fast priorities might change as well in a fierce urban warfare.

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