Monday, March 28, 2011

Libya - Front Report

Places actually held by the rebels are marked in white color. As can be seen, the rebels' army is now approaching the town of Sirt, Gadafi's birthplace. All places marked in red color are battle zones, either subject to allied bombing or endangered by the rebels.

Front line at the strategic town of Misrata, north of Sirt on the road to Tripolis, where clouds of exploding anti-aircraft grenades can be observed in the sky:

"According to an eyewitness, the barracks of Gadafi's units at Bab al-Aziziya in Tripolis have been evacuated." [Al-Jazeera, Arabic TV].
It was here that Gadafi delivered an aggressive speech to his followers shortly after the uprising began.

Now, as we are hearing so much about U.S., French and British support for the Libyan rebels, it should be mentioned that Turkey as well plays an important role within the international military action against colonel Gadafi:

دور تركي في ليبيا
The role of Turkey in Libya.

رجب طيب أردوغان: تركيا لها ثلاث مهام هي إدارة مطار بنغازي و مراقبة المجال الجوي الليبي و نشر قوات بحرية في الممر البحري بين كريت و بنغازي
[According to Al-Jazeera online, Turkey's prime minister] Rajab Daib Erdogan [said]:
"Turkey has three responsibilities which are the administration of Benghazi airport, the surveillance of Libyan airspace and the deployment of naval forces in the sea corridor between Kreta and Benghazi."

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