Saturday, January 22, 2011

CUBA 1961 - How CIA Tried to Kill Fidel

While Western media are just about to remember the notorious
attempt on behalf of the former Soviet Union to install some of
their nuclear missiles on Cuba, CUBAVISION, the satellite channel
of Cuba, has just broadcast a documentary showing how the U.S.
tried to kill Fidel Castro and such destabilize his government in
early 1961.

Of course, U.S. President Kennedy's harsh response in October
1962 to the installation of nukes in the neighbourhood of his
country was a mere necessity and could not be praised enough
for the sake of worldwide peace.

Nevertheless, it should not be ignored that U.S. efforts to
kill Cuba's revolutionary leader
and overthrow his young
government from the very beginning left no real choice for
the Cubans than to make friends with the Soviet Union. The
economic blockade that followed and held for many decades
until now made things even more difficult for Fidel Castro
and drove him into a far-reaching dependency on Moscow.

I can't guarantee that every single fact included in the following
documentary has its truth, but the proven facts are sufficient
enough to blame the U.S. for their policy of intolerance which
earned them many enemies during the last decades, not only
from within such countries behind the Iron Curtain that once
separated Cold War enemies, but from independent countries
as well. Even today, U.S. treatment of the Cuban people and
their government is enraging Cuba's Latin American friends.
Maybe it's time now for the United States to come to terms
with their old enemy Cuba which they are still treating like a
Caribbean ship of pirates whose legendary captain refuses
to die

As to the documentary itself, it recalls the killing attempt
of the Cuban leader with the help of some insiders, a former
military commander who served under Fidel and a member
of cabinet of his first government after the Cuban revolution.
The plannings on behalf of the CIA became known to Cuban
authorities, 16 participants were arrested with 5 CIA agents
among them, and lots of weapons, ammunition, explosives
and communication material were confiscated.

Historic pictures are showing how enemies of the revolution
used bombs to destroy a building in Havana. The bombing
of Cuban airports that left many civilian losses and, finally,
the CIA invasion that failed are documented as well. All
these incidents took place in 1961 and within a short time.
Apparently there should have been another incident when
Fidel was to be infected with anthrax, a biological weapon.

Other attempts to kill Castro on behalf of the CIA are not
included. There's for instance the mysterious case of that
German girl Marita Lorenz who came to Cuba, fell in love
with Fidel and became pregnant, was abducted and dragged
to the U.S.A. where she was brainwashed and sent back in
order to kill the Cuban leader. I think that was the case with
the poisoned cigars, the only point I'm unable to remember
any longer. Marita Lorenz obviously failed as well. Even
though being brainwashed, she seemed to be unable to
kill her ex-lover. She then returned to the U.S.A. where
she worked for the CIA in different secondary positions.
According to her, she belonged to a kind of "hitting squad",
following the traces of people who were on a CIA black list.
One day when she was in Dallas, together with her group,
a certain Lee Harvey Oswald was with them. Nobody objected
when he disappeared for some hours: It was the day he shot
President Kennedy from a nearby building. Later, Mrs. Lorenz
was interrogated by a commission of the U.S. Congress that
had to explore the Kennedy murder, and she told them all
she new about L.H. Oswald. Nevertheless, her statement was
regarded as of less importance, maybe because of her earlier
brainwashing background. As L.H. Oswald was shot himself
immediately after his arrest, nobody remained to relate the
Kennedy murder with the CIA any longer. Instead, another
theory came into being, relating Fidel Castro with the Dallas
Postscript: Many years later, a pitiful elderly lady arrived in
Havana, together with her son who had to care for her and
a West-German television team. Marita Lorenz was unable
to see her ex-lover but was warmly received by Fidel Castro's
private secretary who spoke to her behind closed doors. ...

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