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Obama and the Islamic Community

أوباما و الجماعة الإسلامية

هذا الأسبوع في القاهرة: الرئيس الأميركي أوباما و الجماعة الإسلامية

This week in Cairo: U.S. president Obama and the Islamic community. A new evaluation of U.S. relations towards the world of Islam. Read Obama's complete Cairo speech as published by Al-Jazeera. ARABIC

أسامة بن لادن يتهم باراك أوباما في تسجيل صوتي جديد

Osama Bin Laden in his latest sound record: Accusing President Obama. ARABIC / تسجيل صوتي جديد

Here's my own translation of some important stances made by Osama Bin Laden in his latest tape record. It is based on the Arabic transcription published by Al-Jazeera:

و اتهم بن لادن في التسجيل إدارة الرئيس أوباما و نظيره الباكستاني بتدبير الحملة العسكرية التي تخوضها القوات الباكستانية ضد مقاتلي طالبان بمنعهم ".بوادي سوات "من تطبيق الشريعة بالقتل و القتال

On that distributed tape, Bin Laden accused President Obama and his Pakistani colleague for organizing the military campaign that engaged Pakistani forces against the Taliban, those who are now being suject to bloody fighting in the Swat valley, when they enforced the prohibition "of applying Islamic Sharia law in case of murder and slaughtering."

وقال إن إدارة أوباما "بذرت بذورا جديدة لكراهية الأميركيين يبلغ عددها عدد المشردين والمتضررين من وادي سوات ومناطق القبائل في شمالي وجنوبي وزيرستان

And he said that the Obama administration "is sowing new gossip of hatred against the U.S. that is being spread among a multitude of refugees and victims from Swat valley and from the tribal regions of, both, North and South Waziristan."

وأضاف أنه "بذا يكون أوباما قد سار على خطوات سلفه بزيادة الاستعداء للمسلمين والاستكثار من الأعداء المقاومين ومؤسسا لحروب طويلة الأمد

And he added that "it was detesting when Obama put confidence, once again, into following the old footsteps (of his predecessor) which outraged all Muslims, increased the number of resisting enemies and founded the basis of long lasting wars."

ودعا بن لادن "الشعب الأميركي ليواصل جني ما يزرعه زعماء البيت الأبيض خلال السنين والعقود القادمة

And Bin Laden swore "the American people would continue to earn what have sown the leaders of the White House during the following years and decades." Ulysses / Wolfgang Wiesner

News related to this subject:

June 3, 2009:
Al-Jazeera is mentioning about 2.4 million refugees that are
fleeing the war zone of the Swat valley in the border region
between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

June 3, 2009:
According to a recent Gallup Poll, the approval of U.S. leadership
has risen in the Arabic key states of Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia
and Syria.

June 10, 2009:
A detonation in front of a five star hotel in Peshawar, Pakistan,
left 11 dead and 50 wounded, foreigners included.

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