Thursday, October 19, 2006

Guantánamo Again !

While Al-Jazeera is reporting about a righteous doctor from Afghanistan
who has finally been released from Guantánamo, German media are
presenting a German detainee, Mourad Kurnaz, who had been held in
U.S. custody in that same prison, despite everyone knowing about his
innocence. As high-ranking members of the German military staff seem
to be involved, now being accused of having hindered Mourad's release,
a parliamentary showdown is likely to make its way. Furthermore, accu-
sations launched by Mourad himself have it that German KSK special
troops lent a hand in his torture. Even though there is strong evidence,
all that still needs to be proven in detail.

Update Oct. 23, 2006:
The "Extremists" Fighting Terrorism

While the Bush administration is looking at some Latin-American coun-
tries as the strongholds of extremism in that part of the world, those
countries are now developing their own strategy to fight terrorism. In-
cited by Cuba, the parliamentary assembly of Latin-American states
discussed the draft of a framing law, dealing with the fight against
"This draft exposes the double standards of antiterrorism. Its point of
view is to analyze the nature of [terrorist] actions and their reasons.
Therefore, the Latin-American assembly watches carefully the double
increase of offenders in the prisons of its countries... A United Nations
observer considered that in the "Al-Qaeda prison" of Guantánamo Bay
human rights are violated and humanity is endangered. ....."
[ People's Daily online, Chinese edition, Oct. 22, 2006 ]

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