Saturday, February 19, 2005

editorial — 蓝图杂志的总编辑

-- Hello everybody !

-- This is the editor of BLUEPRINT magazine
-- 蓝图杂志
-- speaking to you personally and more directly
-- than ever before.

As you know, our time flies such that even an online-journalist finds it hard to cope with it. It is for this reason that I offer you a newsblog, easy to edit and easy to post, intended to launch such news from politics and culture I find remarkable enough to be mentioned in front of a greater public.

Doing translations from Arabic, Chinese and other foreign sources, I can therefore provide you with facts and opinion that you will hardly find on any other place in the web.

Please, forgive me if you find my English an awkward mixture of the Oxford and American idiom. But be assured that I am always earnestly trying to get my information to the point.

Sincerely yours
- Ulysses -
(as I decided to name myself because I found it a nice idea seeing myself
riding on the "waves" of the internet and living through all those funny
adventures, the olympic gentry under the guidance of Zeus is providing for
us humans)

-- And here is my graphic signature
-- that I will use on each website
-- expressing my personal opinion.

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